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Kennedy Wealth GroupToday’s fast-paced global economy–– and periods of volatility like 2008 –– remind us that knowledge-based investing requires more than a traditional buy and hold model for success. We believe that incorporating tactical strategies into portfolios will create balance by helping reduce risk and enhance return for long-term investment success. This is the cornerstone of our progressive diversification philosophy.

Improving buy and hold. The plus in the equation.

Advancements in trading technologies and the creation of ingenious investment instruments are real, dramatic, and liberating. They give today’s investor portfolio solutions that were previously available only to institutions and high net worth investors.

Revolutionizing what goes inside the box.

Through the years, Kennedy Wealth Group has brought knowledge-based options to individual investors. Drawing on the vast experience of our advisory team, our firm incorporates the use of liquid, tactical investment solutions. Our independent platform gives us access to the universe of investment products and strategies. Result? We’re able to provide our investment clients with a significant range of uncommon solutions, not what some ‘corporate headquarters’ tells us to sell.

A sensible psychology for investing: Take the emotion out of it.

Human behavior studies reveal that the pain investors feel when their investments lose money is two times greater than the satisfaction they feel when they gain money. Emotions heavily impact the ability to make rational investment decisions. Enter Kennedy Wealth Group, a grounded, experienced advisory firm armed with risk-managed tactical strategies. No chasing. No panicking. No retreat from the discipline that has helped so many portfolios succeed over so many years.

Correlation analysis: Applying a valuable discipline for the long haul.

In the past 100 years, the stock market has experienced numerous long-term bull and bear cycles –– with the average bear market lasting 17 years. At Kennedy Wealth Group, we believe it’s vital not only to take advantage of the up times, but also to preserve those gains in down times.

One tactic we use to ensure that happens is correlation analysis. Lower correlation between investment instruments is a key characteristic of tactical strategies and their ability to consistently perform as viable risk diversifiers. Applying tactical and innovative strategies have shown the ability to lower correlation in portfolios over time.

The innovative strategies employed by our firm are engineered to help take advantage of both bull and bear markets –– and to provide investors with a smoother, steadier ride. No small feat.

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