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Jared Wickes

Jared Wickes

Financial Advisor, Partner

A student of the capital markets since age 11, Jared began his professional career with Edward Jones in 2001, a truly tumultuous period for the stock market.  This initiation into the industry during this calamitous Bear Market ensured his lifetime focus on capital preservation for investors.  Throughout his career, Jared has worked to bring high-level academic and institutional wealth management processes and strategies to retail investors.  This drive has taken him across the country and allowed him the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the Financial Services industry. 

Jared is the father of four children (and one dog), which keep him both active and entertained.  He has helped coach several youth soccer teams, which made him yearn for the simplicity of managing investment portfolios. 

Jared has learned that parenting and portfolio management require some of the same skills:  Consistency and Flexibility.  Finding the right blend of these is a challenge with which most investors (and Investment Advisors) struggle.  Consistency is key as you must have confidence that your strategy will be successful over the long term and you cannot be distracted by short term changes and interruptions.  Flexibility must be available to adjust to enduring changes and developments.  Jared believes that these two components of portfolio management are not at odds with each other; they simply require knowledge and experience to achieve a harmonious balance.