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We consider ourselves to be “tactical” wealth advisors. In the same way I flew fighter aircraft in the U.S. Navy, we strive to take targets of opportunity in the marketplace while maintaining the flexibility to get out of harm’s way when need be. The nature of tactical investing is exceptionally complex. But the solutions can be extremely simple –– once you know where to look. We at Kennedy Wealth Group provide our clients with access to a broad range of tactical investment solutions designed to simplify the complex needs of each of our very individual clients and provide them with true portfolio diversification.

Office at Quincy, IL 

Intelligence Gathering


Your situation is unique…Your solution should be unique, too. Any broker can simply sell financial products. But at Kennedy Wealth Group, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with and the personalized service we provide our clients.

As such, we can make our recommendations only after we complete our thorough “intelligence” gathering process. That’s the added value we bring to our clients –– the benefits that separate Kennedy Wealth Group from others. We’re about finding the right financial products and strategies for each individual investor, then implementing them effectively to ensure our culture of excellence. There’s nothing passive about our platform.

Experience, Discipline, & Due Diligence


Kennedy Wealth Group constantly draws on the experience, discipline, and due diligence of our highly skilled money management team to identify the best tactical solutions for our clients in all market conditions. We are never content to simply “buy-n-hold” and take what the market dishes out. The investment research we do is extensive, thorough, and ongoing:


  • We review dozens of potential strategies each year. (Most don’t meet our high standards.)

  • We look for non-correlation, edge and experienced managers with the discipline to execute their strategy.

  • We continue to seek and add only the best.

  • We remain open-minded and forward thinking.

  • The investing public is bombarded with strong opinions and predictions that have led to large losses due to bad investment decision making.


Investors are bombarded by the financial media with strong opinions and predictions that have led to large losses due to bad investment decision making. Our approach is different. It does not attempt to predict how current events will impact the markets. In fact, our portfolio strategy can’t hear the distracting and misleading “noise” that is the byproduct of the 24/7 news cycle.

"We live in a world saturated with information. We have virtually unlimited amounts of data at our fingertips at all times... But what I have sensed is an enormous frustration with the unexpected costs of knowing too much, of being inundated with information. We have come to confuse information with understanding." 


~ Malcolm Gladwell, from his book "Blink"

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In most cases, Kennedy Wealth Group targets a minimum allocation of 30% of the portfolio to market-insensitive assets (cash, bonds and absolute return). We further seek to limit illiquid assets (venture capital, leveraged buyouts, real estate and natural resources) to 50% of the portfolio.

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