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A Call for Compassion:

Thank you for helping us, help Quanada!

Please watch this informative short video from Quanada!

Sadiqa Oenning - Kennedy Wealth Group

The very thought of abuse toward family members or friends is just tragic. We understand how deep the pain can be for people that experience abuse. It is simply horrible.


We know these times are stressful for everyone, but imagine how difficult life would be if you are experiencing abuse on top of everything else.


When times are difficult for people, it is only natural to look beyond ourselves and find something or a cause that matters. There are undoubtedly many to be considered in our community and around our country.

However, Quanada embraces our soft place.


QUANADA provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault including: counseling, legal/medical advocacy, and emergency shelter. All services are completely confidential and free of charge. While we believe supporting charitable causes is important, sometimes we have to put a stake in the ground, get involved, and stand by a cause in which we believe. For us at Kennedy Wealth Group, this cause is Quanada. 


Please take a moment and listen to our friend, Megan Duesterhaus-AuBuchon, Ph.D., Executive Director of Quanada. She shares a compelling story about the organization, one that I hope resonates with each of you.

Learn more at

Megan Duesterhaus-AuBuchon, Ph.D., Executive Director of Quanada.

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A Call for Compassion. 30-days of Giving.


For the next 30 days, we are going to help raise awareness and support for Quanada. Our goal is to help Quanada cover as many nights as possible during these difficult times.


A $75 donation provides one night in a hotel room for a victim of sexual or domestic violence. 


Please consider a pledge for one night, two or more. Whatever makes you feel good and feels right to you. 


Kennedy Wealth Group will start this important campaign with a generous donation to cover three-weeks of hotel rooms, so let's do this together. Please consider joining us, and let's get behind this for the sake of others in our community. There may never be another more critical time to help others in need.

If you would like to help us and join our team of support, please follow this secure link to the QUANADA website.


As a courtesy to our campaign, please note on your donation that you are donating on behalf of Kennedy Wealth Group so we can measure our support. 

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